12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

In this article we will give you 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran. It is a book that provides a roadmap for individuals and businesses to reach a goal of generating one million dollars in revenue within a year.

So lets get started with the 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran.

How to earn 1 million dollars according to 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary

If you want to make $1 million, then there are a lot of ways for that. If you have to earn 1 million dollars, you can do a lot of things, like for example, if you sell a thing worth 10 dollars to 100000 people, you will earn $1 million. If you sell a thing worth
100 dollars to 10000 people, still you will earn 1 million dollars.

Similarly, you can see the whole chart. On the other hand, I am
talking about just one product, if you create multiple products, like, for example, if you create 5 different products, and sell just 25 units of those 5 products, then by creating multiple
products, you can reach $1 million.

Ryan has actually done this. In his book, 12 months to $1 million, he is explaining step by step process, that how you can start a business and generate even seven figures, in less than 365 days.

Author Ryan Daniel Moran has become founder of multi companies. On the one side, 24 years old guys can’t figure out that what to do in life, on the other hand, he had
become millionaire at that age. He had sold his 2 successful
startups in multiple million dollars. Because of which he was living a good life.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

Author Ryan Daniel tells us how he became a millionare in 12 Months To $1 Million Book

Let’s try to understand 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran and those strategies behind all this through his story. When Ryan started his first business venture Zen Active Sports, there he used to sell yoga mats, towel and a lot of things. That was a physical business. That physical business was a loss making business. He had to spend a lot behind inventory, salary, advertisement. Because of which he used to be out of money. Which was his major mistake. He said, he didn’t had any structure or game plan of business.

 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran
12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran

He kept doing things according to his mind. And that was a
problematic thing for him. In fact he used to invest his all money
in the business because of which, he wanted to be able to pay his rent. Due to this, he had to live and sleep in his friend’s house. But then, he did an interesting thing. To fund his Zen Active Sports, he started a podcast named ‘Freedom fast-lane’. Where he started hosting some famous and successful businessmen.

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While gaining wisdom from such influential personalities, he launched his Zen Active Sports on Amazon. After which he made system and processes by learning from people. And that thing turned his loss making business to profitable. And before that company hit $1 million revenue, a private equity firm bought his company.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

From there, his journey of becoming millionaire started. After selling off his Zen Active Sports, he launched his second sports and nutrition company. There, he used to sell pre workouts. To scale this business, he sold that to a private company. After which he started working on his third venture, which was related to health oil. And guess what, he made that profitable too.

The learning thing here is that, what business strategies he learnt? , due to which he was able to make such businesses, and was able to sell them also, that too in a few months.

White label Product

Well, the first answer is White Label Product. The biggest secret of Ryan’s success was, he used to get products on lower cost from websites like Alibaba in China and Vietnam, and then he used to white label them and sell on amazon. The products on which you can do white labeling, they are called white label products. Its classic example was Mircomax which used to get mobiles imported from China, and by naming it Micromax, they used to sell them. Means, Micromax had no manufacturing plant. They were selling through branding. The author used to do the same thing, which was his no. 1 secret.

Stages to reach $1 million according to 12 Months To $1 Million Book summary

If we talk about 12 Months To $1 Million Book summary, the author has divided it in three stages, which he says, you should follow to reach $1 million

  • First stage is grind stage that lasts from 1st month to 4th month.
  • Second stage is growth stage, that lasts from 5th to 9th month.
  • And then comes ‘The gold’, which lasts from 10th to 12th month.
Stages to reach $1 million according to 12 Months To $1 Million Book summary
Stages to reach $1 million according to 12 Months To $1 Million Book summary

Grind Stage – What Product Should I sell?

what product should I sell? Which you can call ‘the grind stage, i.e. first step. Here, he gives the example of Paul Miller. Paul Miller was a successful businessman, who had insomnia. He used to keep listening podcasts through headphones, and many a time, while listening, he used to sleep. But doing this thing, he realized using headphones while sleeping, was very uncomfortable. And the quality of headphones was not that much good also. He thought, headphones
can be made better.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran/p>

So, he got some headphones in quantity. And by opening them, he made their build quality and audio quality better. He made those headphones more comfortable by doing experimenting, so that you can listen music or podcast well while sleeping, without having any problem. And this led to the birth of
Cozyphone headphones, which he started selling on Amazon.

And guess what, people liked it so much that it became best selling product on Amazon. After coming on Amazon, they started selling Cozyphones in bulk quantity. And in four years, they got the revenue of $6 million dollars.

This is amazing, isn’t it? But they did a mistake and that was not getting patent of their product. Due to which, many people came who use copy cat strategy, who started copying their products. And this thing is very common also. They wait for the
product to become hit, and then sell them at lower price by copying those products. Due to which, competition increases a lot. You know, what did Paul do to beat that thing?

He, instead of focusing here and there he said, ‘I’ll focus more on making my product much better’. Where they’ll give the best product and services to the customers. He kept going forward with this agenda. He knew that if he keep focusing on making its product better, they will easily beat their competitors. Because of their good reviews. At starting he grinded a lot to make winning product.

Which helped him making million dollars. Similarly, you have do
something in starting. Here you see, which product you can make, what is that need in the market, which you can fulfill by working hard and fulfill needs of the people. Grind on that. At starting, it’s all about the grind. That is one part of 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran

Growth Stage – Make a series of products and make 25 sales per day

According to 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran Make a series of products and make 25 sales per day, which is called ‘growth stage’. When you get your one product done, then you have to focus on multiple products, and for example, the author cites Aubrey Marcus, who was a hustler.

He tried multiple ventures, his first venture was about toys and supplements, he didn’t get even a little success in it. Didn’t get fulfillment either. But going back to time, he says
that he was not ready at that time. I didn’t had much information and I was lacking in a lot of things.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran

Whereas those failures taught me a lot of things, like, there are three things which I learnt because of failure.

  • How to create a product.
  • How to sell that product.
  • How to advertise that product.

He connected to a lot of people during that process, and while networking, he met the no. 1 podcaster, Joe Rogan. Joe invited him to his podcast. And while talking, he promoted his toys. As soon as Joe asked, what are you into? He said, ‘I am into Nootropics’.

Nootropics is a supplement, which boost your memory power, motivation and focus. Now during podcast, he said that ‘I can make world’s best Nootropics, and I’ll show it. And at that time, Joe took promise from him, that you make the world’s best Nootropics.

After that he did a lot of research and experiments, and made a best product. And after making that, he gave that product to Joe Rogan to test it. When Joe tried, he liked that product very much, and then decided to make a partnership with him. And he started taking that product in front of his millions of followers. After which that product was getting very high sale.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

Its name was ALPHABRAIN which started getting huge demand. The orders came so much that they didn’t had any inventory left. And guess what, after that they launched their second product. And that second product was related to mood. They named that
product ‘Pinewood’. Which can help you to improve your mood. And this is where the company named Onnit started. In which they are making millions of dollars my selling products.

Similarly, at the second stage, when you understand the possibility of a product of getting hit, then you start creating multiple products, related to that niche or even different niche also. If you have multiple products which you’ll sell, they can give a good revenue by combining all of them. You have to focus on these things from fifth month to ninth month.

Gold Stage – Advertising

And then comes the last stage, which is the gold stage. Where you can use advertising. At this stage, your maximum focus should be on advertising and marketing the product. At this stage you should get your product promoted through Google ads, Facebook ads or by paying influencers, to market it at the best so that it can reach millions of customers. Here your credibility also gets established. This process will cost you.

You have to keep reinvesting in this process, so that you can take that to a bigger scale and can make more money. If you have done grinding at the starting stage very well, have created good products, you will get good rewards at this stage. Along-with this, you have to do two more things. Which is the fourth point, Tweaking a product for a year. The Tribe Fitness owner
Jeremiah Kingsman had listed its product on Amazon.

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary : Ryan Daniel Moran

This was a cellphone arm band product, which he had white labeled form China. For the first batch, he got just 400 products imported. Because he wanted to know, if he can sell products or not. And customer reviews are the most important. That’s why, at first he got a few products imported. And then he took output of customers and got it changed accordingly. Like, for example, people were getting small armbands in the first batch.

The size of the armbands was increased so much in the second batch. And by making a lot of changes, he got a perfect size. So, by taking feedback from customers, he designed such an armband, after wearing which people were very happy. Similarly, the arm bands of The Tribe Fitness became a unique
product in the marketplace.

How did this all happen? Just because he did a lot of
experiments with his products. Improved his products a
lot and at the end of the year, he got 4% positive reviews
compared to his competitors. Which turned the
whole game many times.

Secret of The Author Ryan Daniel Moran – 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary

And last comes, The author’s secret. This one secret helped
Ryan in becoming a millionaire. He used to buy winning products in wholesale at cheaper rates, and then used to sell at higher margin by registering on Amazon FBA.

What is Amazon FBA? If you register yourself as a seller on Amazon FBA, then Amazon provides a lots of facilities
like storage, free shipping or fast delivery. Due to which they buy winning products at cheaper rate, and resell them on
Amazon with high margin

12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran

Author says, you will get difficulties initially, doing deep research, taking knowledge, it will keep going, but you have to always remember that magic number, which is 25 sales per day
and which should cost this. If you do this, you will achieve that
magic number by the end of the year, before that too.

This was 12 Months To $1 Million Book Summary by Ryan Daniel Moran

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