Ancient Kingdom Theory Of One Piece Manga

Ancient Kingdom Theory Of One Piece Manga

A lot of theories in mind, today we wrote a theory about the One Piece. This theory is about the ancient kingdom theory of One Piece manga, Joy Boy Dreams, ancient weapons, and all. Recently, there was a leak of the ending of One Piece. While reading it, a theory hit my mind.

1) Pangaea Castle : Ancient kingdom theory of One Piece manga

First let’s talk about the Pangaea Castle because the Pangaea castle is directly connected to the Great Kingdom. The Great Kingdom is the place where the great Imu resides. This Pangea castle is a word that Oda took from a real-world theory, which is the popular Continental Drift theory proposed by Alfred Wegener.

In this theory, he said that the Earth, which now has 7 continents, was once a single landmass, a super continent, 200 million years ago. And the 5 oceans that exist today were once a single ocean. Wegener named the supercontinent “Pangaea” in his theory and the ocean as “Panthalassa.” After this theory, many geologists proposed the Tectonic Plate theory. So, taking this theory, Oda named the castle of Imu’s castle as “Pangaea.”

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Pangaea Castle
Pangaea Castle Replica

b) Why Eiichiro Oda Kept the name of Imu’s Castle as Pangaea Castle?

Oda used this theory to give the name of Imu’s castle, indicating that there was once a supercontinent in the world of One Piece, much like the real world’s Pangaea. This supercontinent could be the Great Kingdom, also known as the Great Ancient Kingdom. Which was a single landmass where the inhabitants of the world government lived 800 years ago, before the creation of the Red Line by the Lunarians.

2) Creation Mariejois in One Piece

According to my understanding, Marijorie was made by the world government. 800 years ago, the world government was formed, and the celestial dragons came into existence. The creation of Marijorie took place around 600 years ago, after the formation of the world government. This can be concluded from the information given in Marco’s flashback and the mention of a giant robot that attacked Mariejois in Vegapunk’s conversation.

This Pangaea castle is a replica of the great kingdom. This was also confirmed by Clover who spoke about the existence of the great kingdom. However, what was the name of this great kingdom? There is a possibility that there were smaller islands present besides the great kingdom at that time, such as Wano, Fishman Island, and Zou Nation.

3) What happened to the great kingdom?

As our world was divided into several continents, it is possible that The Great Kingdom was also divided into smaller places. All the islands that exist in the One Piece world today were once part of The Great Kingdom.

a) What caused this division of the great kingdom of One Piece world?

It seems that the ancient kingdom theory of One Piece manga. Regarding the existence of the Great Kingdom in the One Piece world is gaining more and more traction among fans. According to this theory, the world was once a single landmass known as the Great Kingdom, which later broke into several smaller islands. Leaks about this theory suggest that Imu used the ancient weapon Uranus to destroy some islands. But the reason behind this destruction remains a mystery.

Some fans believe that the World Government of that time might have used Uranus to destroy the Great Kingdom in order to eliminate Joy Boy’s influence. The current World Government has forgotten about Joy Boy, but only certain islands like Wano and Fishmen Island remember him. Fans are also curious about why Imu did not use Uranus to destroy Wano and Fishmen Island, and if it is possible to use Uranus only once in a while.

4) Dream of Joy Boy and Ancient Kingdom Theory Of One Piece Manga

Joy Boy was an important figure in the One Piece world and it is said that he had a dream that he wanted to fulfill. When Gol D. Roger reached Laugh Tale, it is well known that he made a statement which hinted at his desire to see the Great Kingdom in its full glory. This might have been the reason why Roger and his crewmates found humor in the fact that if the World Government didn’t break the Great Kingdom into several smaller islands, the existence of pirates in their world might not have been possible.

Imagine if there was just a single landmass in the world, the ability for pirates to travel and explore the seas would have been greatly limited. It is possible that Joy Boy might have visited Wano, which was a part of the Great Kingdom and hid Pluton there, not to mention that this might have also led to the formation of the Phonegliffs.

However, the current World Government has forgotten about Joy Boy and the significance of his dream. The islands that are currently under the control of the World Government have no knowledge of Joy Boy. The only exception to this are places like Wano and Fishmen Island which still retain some of the history and knowledge of the Great Kingdom.

a) Perspective of Joy Boy on Ancient kingdom theory of One Piece manga

It raises questions about what might have happened if the Great Kingdom wasn’t broken into smaller pieces. And what the world would have been like if Joy Boy’s dream was fulfilled. But Joy Boy had a different perspective, he wanted to see the Great Kingdom in its full glory and possibly even bring it back to its former state. This dream of his might have been his last message to the world. Telling them to reunite these islands and bring back the Great Kingdom.

Although this might sound absurd and impossible, it is still a fascinating thought to ponder about.

5) Why Was Gol D Roger so interested in Joy Boy?

The fact that Roger was so interested in Joy Boy’s dream and era shows that there was something unique and special about it. The Great Kingdom was a landmass. It was once united, but due to some reason it was split into several small islands. Which eventually became the islands that we see in the world of One Piece today.

The fact that Roger and his crewmates found this information and history to be interesting is because they were pirates, and it would have been difficult for them to sail and travel in a single landmass as it would have limited their freedom.

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Gol D Roger
Gol D Roger in Laughtale

6) Is it possible to create The Great Kingdom again in One Piece Manga?

It is possible that the creation of the Great Kingdom again could be achieved with the help of three individuals, Future Joy Boy, Poseidon, and the Land God. To combine the world, the power of Poseidon and the Devil Fruit is necessary. Poseidon has the power to control sea kings, and as there are many seas in the One Piece world. Sea kings are also very strong creatures, Poseidon can command the sea kings to move the islands.

On the other hand, Luffy has the ability to make the islands rubber for a short period of time and merge them with each other. There is also a theory that when a Devil Fruit user changes their surrounding properties. After some time the surroundings return to normal. So, if Luffy tried to merge the islands by making them rubber, they would eventually revert back to their original form. However, it is also possible that the awakening of the Devil Fruit is an exception. Luffy’s fruit is one that grants mythical awakening powers to the user. So, it is possible that Luffy can actually change the properties of his surroundings if he wishes to.

It’s possible that Joy Boy had also hidden Pluton in Wano. Maybe there was a Devil Fruit user who had the power to control the land. This person could have helped Joy Boy to hide Pluton. It’s possible that the owner of the Land God Fruit is the current owner, and that in the near future, Luffy will help this person to make the Great Kingdom again.

7) What was The name of The Great Kingdom of One Piece?

Now I will tell you what I think the name of the Great Kingdom was. One Piece, this was the single piece of land and the surrounding ocean was All Blue. This means that Luffy will not only combine all the islands to make One Piece, but also make All Blue. This is why Roger laughed because he understood that One Piece was not just a simple treasure, it was a precious treasure of Joy Boy. The future Joy Boy can make it true.

8) Plotholes leading to Ancient Kingdom Theory Of One Piece Manga

Now let’s see all the plot holes leading to Ancient Kingdom Theory Of One Piece Manga.

  • One plot hole is where was the Red Line? The answer to this may be that it was made later or the Land God Fruit User created it to control the government.
  • Another plot hole is Zunesha or the Nation of Zou.
  • And the third plot hole, the land god fruit user, I don’t really think that Oda will introduce a new character who will help Joy Boy and Luffy.
  • The fourth plot hole pertains to the depiction of the great kingdom. It is a possibility that the representation of the great kingdom by Clover may not be entirely accurate.
One Piece Explained
One Piece Explained

If Luffy brings the various islands together to form one single landmass, what will happen next? The pirate era may come to an end and this could be the conclusion of One Piece.

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