BharOS : Is it the end of Android? - BharOS vs Android

BharOS : Is it the end of Android? – BharOS vs Android

The BharOS is a project supported by the Indian government that aims to create a free and open-source operating system for use in public and governmental systems. It is a step toward developing a native environment and a self-sufficient future, especially for India.

Problems and Policies of Android

There are lots of things going inside Google. Android has changed a lot. There are so many new policies which you might know or not know. Competition Commission of India has fined a lot. Google apps are already pre loaded in android smart phones. Even the default search engine is set to google.

Payment options are also of google only for developers and they cannot choose another method. and google takes 30% commission. These all things have been changed now and they have given freedom. Side loading has also been made easy. you can use any app store and install any android apps.

The new smartphones that will come , they will not have apps like Youtube, Google maps etc preloaded. Now we will also get the forked version of android using the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

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BharOS : New Android of India

From this people can make many versions of android and BharOS is one of them. It was Developed by an IIT Madras-incubated startup. By using the open android’s open source project, they made BharOS. It is a version of android only but it will not have any preloaded apps. Users can keep any app store and it is a Made in India Operating System.

Other Operating Systems Vs Android – BharOS

There were many Operating Systems which came before to compete with Android but they failed to do so. But still android is in top.

Windows Mobile OS vs Android

The first company which lost to android despite being from a big company was Windows Mobile OS. It was because windows could not attract many application developers. Many important apps were not present in the windows app store.

Cyanogen Operating System

This was OS present in first One Plus phone. It was based on android. Additionally it did not had unnecessary Bloatware and had clean Interface. It is still running by the name of Lineage OS.

SailFish Operating System

This was based on Linux Operating System. It did not even have a proper app store.

Android became very popular because it was very open. It was backed by google. Used to provide us with open source projects. It is fully customizable. It was very flexible. Without doing jailbreak , people can do side loading. It is not even available in Apple.

BharOS has a great future if it gets support by people and many companies. BharOS is a great achievement of India.

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Features Of BharOS

BharOS will not have preloaded Google Play Store because it made to remain different. People can put any apps that they want.

Through organization-specific Private App Store Services (PASS), a selection of apps that adhere to security and privacy criteria, the new operating system, BharOS will offer access to trusted apps. Instead of requiring users to manually check for and install updates, security updates and bug fixes will be installed automatically.

For more details : Visit BharOS Wikipedia

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