Elbaf Arc One Piece : Important Things We Can Expect

Elbaf Arc One Piece : Important Things We Can Expect

Elbaf Arc One Piece promises to uncover many mysteries and reveal crucial information. We can expect to learn about ancient giants, Oni, and Vegapunk’s research, and discover Luffy’s next goal. While Shanks and Sabo’s status may be touched upon, the missing Road Poneglyph and Blackbeard vs Law’s result are uncertain. Read on to know the important things we can expect in the upcoming Elbaf Arc.

There are 11 key points that we have listed which we can expect to see here, and all of them are very important for the One Piece series.

Ohara Research

As you all know, before the destruction of Ohara, all of the researchers there had submitted their research papers and books for safekeeping. Later on, the giants took all of those books and papers to Elbaf. I am sure that we will get detailed information about the Phonelgliff research in Elbaf, which was the topic that caused Clover to be killed just for mentioning it.

Giants Connection With Joyboy And Role In History

Along with this, we may also learn about the possible connection between the giants and Joyboy, and their role in the ancient kingdom. Remember the giant straw hat that Imu-sama possesses belongs to Joyboy, who was also a giant. So, it is highly likely that there was a strong connection between Joyboy and Elbaf, and Oda has repeatedly portrayed giants as an important species with a significant role in ancient history.

Prince Loki Elbaf Arc One Piece

We might also gain information about Prince Loki. So far, his face has not been revealed, so we will definitely see what he looks like in the Elbaf Arc, as well as learn more about his strength, lineage, and how he became a prince, among other things. Prince Loki is going to be a very important character in the upcoming story. Have you ever realized that giants are an incredibly important species, yet we have not seen a single giant that is exceptionally strong? In the fishmen, we have Jimbei, who is very powerful, and in the lunarians, we have only seen one who turned out to be very strong. Giants, on the other hand, have only been shown to be moderately strong. Maybe Loki will be the exception and turn out to be an exceptionally strong giant.

Big Mom And Her Road Poneglyphs Origin

We cannot forget about Big Mom and her exceptionally large size. Even though we don’t know if she is still alive, her past with Elbaf is significant, and there is still much we do not know about her. For example, how did she become so big, despite her parents being of normal size? None of her children have the giant trait either. We may learn more about this in the Elbaf Arc One Piece. Additionally, we may learn more about the giant with whom Big Mom formed a relationship and gave birth to Lola. Also, I have mentioned several times that Big Mom’s Road Poneglyph was originally located in Elbaf, and she stole it from there and brought it to her island. If this is true, we can expect a flashback that reveals all the answers.

Jaguar D Saul

Whenever I think of flashbacks, the Ohara incident comes to mind. In that incident, we thought that the giant had died, but Eiichiro Oda revealed that was not the case. We may learn more about Saul in the Elbaf Arc One Piece, which could give us more insights into the Will of D since Saul was a member of the D clan.

Character Development of Robin and Usopp

If we are talking about Saul, then we may get to see character development for Nico Robin and Usopp in the Elbaf Arc. I mean, Usopp was always meant to go to Elbaf, and his character development has been untouched in terms of character writing.

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Ancient Giants Elbaf Arc One Piece

And this arc will not be limited only to giants but will also focus on Ancient Giants. We may find out how the Ancient Giants became extinct, and learn about things related to Oars. We might also discover the relationship between Ancient Giants and regular giants, and their roles in ancient history.

Ancient Giants Elbaf Arc One Piece
Ancient Giants Elbaf Arc One Piece

Oni or Ogre

Apart from Ancient Giants, there is another species that is quite similar to them, known as Oni or Ogre. Oda hasn’t really talked about Onis in detail so far. So, I think the Elbaf arc will be the perfect opportunity to reveal some important information about them. We may also find out whose large skull is on Onigashima, whether it belongs to a giant or an Oni, and how it got there.

Shanks in Elbaf Arc One Piece

We have seen Shanks in the manga in Elbaf, but I don’t think he will reunite with Luffy in Elbaf. Luffy will probably leave Elbaf before Shanks arrives. However, we can expect to learn some important things related to Shanks through the giants. We might discover Shanks’ history with Elbaf and the giants, which could be very interesting.

Shanks in Elbaf Arc One Piece
Shanks in Elbaf Arc One Piece

Vegapunk’s Research on Ohara Research and Devil Fruits

Vegapunk has also done detailed research on Ohara, and we can expect to see more of him in the Elbaf arc One Piece. Additionally, we may learn some crucial information related to devil fruits, as Vegapunk has extensive knowledge about them.

Luffy’s Next Destination, Goal and Aim

Next, we will get to know about Luffy’s next destination and goal in Elbaf. After leaving Elbaf, will Luffy go to war, search for a new Poneglyph, go straight to Laugh Tale, or do something else? We will find out in Elbaf. Moreover, Elbaf will be Luffy’s final destination before reaching Raftel and Laugh Tale, so we might also get to know about Luffy’s dream. In the midst of all this, Oda might also reveal some information about the missing Road Poneglyph.

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Apart from this, we may also learn about Sabo’s status, Shanks and Kid, and the result of the Blackbeard vs. Law fight, but there’s no guarantee that we will see all of this in the Elbaf arc.

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