Elemental shield weakness : break shields easily - Genshin Impact

Elemental shield weakness : break shields easily – Genshin Impact

Enemies with elemental shield in Genshin Impact is really annoying to fight with. Let us find out how to break those elemental shield easily. After reading this article you will be able to break those bulky shields easily.

There are two different type of elemental shields that are used by enemies in Genshin Impact. The first are shields used by Fatui Skirmisher. Second are shields used by all other enemies such as Lawachurl, Abyss Mages, Whopper flowers, Cicin Mages and so on. These different types of shields have slightly different weaknesses.

Abyss mage Shields Break
Abyss mage Shields Break

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Weakness of the Fatui Skirmisher shields in Genshin Impact

First let’s go over the weaknesses for the fatui elemental shields which I think are actually easier to remember.

  1. Cryo Shields are weak to Pyro
  2. Pyro Shields are weak to Hydro
  3. Hydro Shields are weak to Electro
  4. Electro Shields are weak to Cryo
  5. Geo Shield is weak to heavy attacks

Heavy attacks to break elemental geo shield

Heavy attacks of Genshin Impact are a broad category of attack that includes Geo damage, Claymore attacks, Melee, Plunging attacks, Overload and some Catalyst charge attacks and skills . If an attack can break Crystal ores it can be considered a heavy attack and it’ll also break Geo shields.

If you try to break a Fatui shield with the wrong element it’ll take about 20 times longer than if you had used the correct element.

Weakness of elemental shield of Abyss Mages, Lawachurl, Whopper flowers and Cicin Mages in Genshin Impact

Now let’s go over the weakness of the shields of Abyss Mages, Lawachurl, Whopper Flowers, Cicin Mages etc.

  1. Cryo Shields are weak to Pyro
  2. Pyro Shields are weak to Hydro
  3. Hydro Shields are weak to Dendro
  4. Dendro Shields are weak to Pyro
  5. Geo Shields are weak to heavy attacks
  6. Electro Shields are equally weak to Pyro, Cryo and Dendro

Even though the three are equally effective Pyro is a little stronger in practice because it triggers an overloaded reaction which deals an extra instance of pyro damage and chips the shield down a little more.

Lawachurl Elemental Shield Weakness
Lawachurl Elemental Shield Weakness

Cryo Against Hydro Shields

Cryo is half as effective as dendro but still much more effective than pyro and Electro. So it’s still a great option to use against Hydro Shields. Some players may even prefer cryo because it has the added benefit of freezing the enemy which can make the fight a lot easier.

Electro Against other Elemental Shield

Electro could be useful if you have to break several different elemental shield in Genshin Impact in the same fight. Even though Electro isn’t the heart counter to any of them it can deal with all of them in a reasonable amount of time.

Anemo against other shields

If there’s another element on the field. Anemo can trigger a swirl reaction with that element to be potentially strong Shield breaker AOE . Anemo attacks can be especially effective if there are multiple elemental shield very close to each other.

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