How Vtubers are becoming Billionares - Business model explained

How Vtubers are becoming Billionaries – explained

Hello everyone, what if I say by making fake YouTubers or Vtubers you can even come under the billionaire list? Well, this has already happened. It is all due to the business model of the new generation . It has turned the world upside down, they are Vtubers or Virtual Youtubers.
This trend had generated in India suddenly when anime culture took entry. According to the social blade, Mr. Beast earns around Rs 24 Crore from YouTube and many of the other YouTubers earn up to lacs . And they earn more and more from other sources too. Recently we are seeing jobs cut and all, due to which YouTube has become another alternative and people has started becoming workaholics. Everyone wants to create their digital identity in social media.

YouTube has already become a great job alternative. If you want to create a good business then social media has got your back. So due to this, the concept of Vtubers got trending which was best for people who felt shy or for many other reasons. Many people started their YouTube career with voiceover videos. Now with that voice only if you get a character by which you can interact with your audience, what more do you want? YouTubers can make their avatars do anything that they want to with a face cam.

So how can u become a Vtuber?
Process of making the videos?
How does the business model of Vtubers work?

And how Riku Tazumi became the youngest billionaire in Japan with the help of this model, who was just 21 years old in 2017 .He created a start-up agency called Any Color. And within June 2020 after listing his company in the Japanese Talk Market, when the operating profits results came out .Then people came to know that their valuation has increased significantly to around 2.21 billion yen. Tazumi had a 46% share so he became the youngest billionaire in Japan, and the reason for this growth is related to anime and idol pop culture with the help of which it got famous all over the world.

Any Color Vtube
Any Color Vtube

A fun fact – Ichikara means from the scratch. Due to this they got very inspired and gave it the name Any Color.
And currently, they are leaders in the avatars and Vtuber market.
This company manages 140 creators.

Now let’s see how this Vtuber business model works.

Now let’s see how this business model works.
The Vtuber model works in 2 ways, 2D and 3D by using motion capture tracking and connected to a real YouTuber. This process can be basic, simple, or complex and it depends on the Youtuber’s preference. By using these avatars you can make YouTube videos, Livestream, talk to other people and take interview others, and many other things without showing your real face.

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Models Creation

2d models usually are made with Photoshop and live 2D software. These 2d YouTubers are brought into YouTube by VUP and VTube Studio software. For example, OBS software is a live streaming software that is used to go live on YouTube.
3d models are complex and are made with the help of Dash 3d or Blender, which provides real features by using Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is a powerful tool with the help of which games and other complex things are made.

Both are sophisticated and difficult but by using proper basic knowledge it will be easier.
In steam, we can free software and by using our webcam we can create avatars which are being used by many beginner Vtubers. The character moves as you move in the webcam. VUP Studio is a software from which you can create 2D characters.

VUP Vtuber Creation
VUP Vtuber Creation

So one question comes to mind. Why did Any Color become so popular that anyone can, what they are doing is so unique that they are under the billionaire list. Any color provides the service of Vtubership. They provide 3d models according to user’s preferences from scratch. They use software like blender and Dash 3d and help YouTubers broadcast and generate great revenue. It is an Entertech startup.

3D Vtubers Ceation
3D Vtubers Ceation

Metaverse is coming soon and the scope of this is really big. It takes a lot of time to hire actors for ads and concerts and all .And it can easily be done without much effort using avatars.
So there is a great demand for character-making freelancers and give a great opportunity to earn.

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