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Indian Anime – Sony Yay is Planning on making it

Sony yay an Indian TV channel has decided it will make an Indian Anime series that will give competition to Japanese and Hollywood animation. When we heard this we thought that this might be a dream. Then I got heard the sound of Madara Uchiha Speaking to me ” Wake up to reality”. Just after this, we did some research and we found an article which says Sony has a lot of plans on making Indian Anime and there are two different roads for it.

So is it possible for an Indian channel to create a high-quality Indian anime? And if yes then will it be able to beat anime? Here you will get to know all the answers.
Before going to answer, let’s see what is the question…
So the question is why does this channel want to start producing Indian Anime? Why did they think like that?
So for this let’s have a check at the programs of it.
According to Wikipedia currently, 18 shows are running on Sony Yay. These Include:

  • Bernard
  • Chimpoo Simpoo
  • Chorr police
  • Ding Dong Bell – Masti ka khel
  • Guru Aur Bhole
  • Harry and Bunnie
  • Horrid Henry
  • Kicko & Super Speedo
  • Kikoumba
  • Mr. Magoo
  • Naruto
  • Oggy and the cockroaches
  • Obbochama Kun
  • Oggy and the cockroaches: Next Generation
  • Paap O Meter
  • Pajama
  • Pyaar Mohabbat Happy Lucky
  • Robotan
  • The owl & co

And if u are shocked u can see the famous anime Naruto over here too. Here they are showing Indian cartoons, western cartoons, and Japanese anime and according to sources we came to know they are doing great but mainly the series made Outside of India are more popular. But if the country’s Animation is not doing so well then it can mean a bad signal.
To solve this problem Sony yay has 2 plans.
The first plan is to create 4 animation shows which will target the children’s audience, let us have a look at the theme and name.

1) Karna the Guardian
The story will be based on Mahabharata but it will also include science fiction
2) CID Squad
Based on CID
3) Maya and the magic makeup box
It is based on a female protagonist. Topics of this show are based on magic and self-esteem
4) Aviators
It will introduce children to the art and education of flying through many ideas in every episode

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But most people in the world are anime fans and they watch serious animation. So to impress them the production should be amazing. Well, don’t worry the second plan might burn a flame of interest inside you.

So the thing is a few years back there was a channel called Animax that featured Hindi Dubbed anime and other Mature Cartoons but due to low performance, they had to shut down. After the failure of Animax the Culver Company Entertainment started Sony Yay. This plan features to create high-quality animation with the help of Indian artists targeting a specific audience whose age is greater than 16. They are planning to dub it into regional languages too.
Results matter the most.
So if they are going to create mature and adult animation then the expectations will be serious among fans. It doesn’t mean that to make a show good there has to be bloodshed, nudity, and slang. Thousands of Japanese anime are proof that without even nudity, and bloodshed, even while containing vulgar words and funny elements the animation’s story and theme can be serious which can even bring tears and goosebumps.
So we hope that the future of Indian animation instead of going in a bad direction containing bad dubbing, childish story, Bollywood elements, remakes, or bad production goes in a good direction.
If we have to create a true Indian animation that we expect people to appreciate on a global level then the road to create it should have a serious production, serious story, and serious planning.

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