Is Hu Tao Worth Pulling in 3.4 Genshin Impact?

Is Hu Tao Worth Pulling in 3.4 Genshin Impact?

Hu Tao is among the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Is Hu Tao worth pulling in 3.4? This article aims to give you an idea about it.

Hu Tao rerun banner is back in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is finally going to make her appearance on the Banner very soon in second phase of patch 3.4. I know that this is going to be a very exciting thing for many of us. Because the last time of her arrival was over a year and a half ago. Plus she has only got one rerun so far. So there are still many who want to get her now. All the way back when she was released. There were not that many character introduced to Genshin Impact. Which is why she was so popular but over two years later. There are just so many new character in Genshin Impact already giving you so many different play style. Plus there are also many characters who are very very powerful.

In this article we are giving you an idea of whether or not Hu Tao is still a worth it character for you to pull. I have to say the current Banner situation is pretty interesting since there are so many good characters coming back and character release. Not just for the last part of patch 3.4 but also coming towards patch 3.5.

Why was Hu Tao so good?

First we’ll look into what were the reason she was a very good character ever since she was released. When she was released she was considered to be the top three Liyue character. And
was also considered to be the number one out of those three. She was beingused by many speedrunners to clear out abyss floors. Including any tougher content in only matters of seconds.

Why was Hu Tao so good?
Why was Hu Tao so good?

Limited number of Pyro DPS characters

One of the main reasons back then was that we were kind of limited on pyro DPS character. But overall the DPS characters as well because it was still new to Genshin Impact. The characters were quite limited.

Hu Tao can be great even in C0 and less investment

Having a very high damage number she will make her stand out. Also due to the fact that she has access to very good scaling instantly dealing very high damage at c0
with free-to-play weapons. You don’t need to invest in high tier weapons like 4 stars or 5 Star. She can get access to the white tassel which is a three-star option and she would do great.

Furthermore, even though her constellations are good with every one of them enhancing her attack level significantly. She is a pretty much complete character at c0 you don’t ever need to invest in her constellation. She will still be one of the top DPS you have on your account. Hu Tao is a character that is extremely good with single Target situation due to her very high charge attack damage.

She also has access to AOE damage capability where her nomal attack allows us to do a bit of AOE damage together with deadly damage dealing burst. Especially when you are having her under 50 HP and having this high damage of a burst number is many of the reason why speedrunners can clear using Hu Tao in a very short amount of time. Considering her build she is a rare character that has access to HP scaling for a DPS character. So she is unique but it also makes a huge difference due to her kits being able to make use a lot of HP scaling.

Hu Tao can be great even in C0 and less investment
Hu Tao can be great even in C0 and less investment

Hu Tao is a Pyro Element Character

Furthermore, she is a pyro element character. If you look at it the Pyro element is still one of the best elements in the game with having access to a lot of different Elemental reactions. Plus the nature of her gameplay was that she didn’t require to have a dedicated healer on the team. She can heal herself thus allowing her to have more DPS Focus team. That in turns helped her overall team comps do a lot higher damage.

Pyro Element has great scaling
Pyro Element has great scaling

What are the Downsides of Hu Tao?

whenever we look toward her downside she doesn’t have that much of a downside.

Charge attack spamming and stamina management issues

The main downside regarding Hu Tao only is that she is a character that requires a bit of a learning curve because for you to deal maximum damage. You would want to have to learn charge attack spamming especially when you’re having her at c0. That’s the majority of her damage comes from her charge attack. Therefore without you managing her stamina properly, you won’t be able to dish out that many charge attack when you are at c0.

HP management issues

The second thing would be that she is a tough character to manage HP terms. Especially without a shoulder on the team like having Zhongli since you have to keep your HP below 50. So you can’t really do overhealing with a dedicated HP healing character plus you can’t get her to too low.

Otherwise she will get one shot so those are going to be the general downsides of Hutao. I wouldn’t say she has any other main downside at this point. Which is why she has always been very much a solid pyro DPS.

Hu Tao in the new patch

Now the main changes have come especially after the Patch 3.0 when dendro reaction has arrived and is a turning point for many characters.

Burgeon Team with Hu Tao

When dendro reactions arrived. It has lead Hu Tao having a little bit more team comp to play around with. She does now have access to teams such as Burgeon you can do a little bit of burning. But we all know that burning isn’t a good reaction so Burgeon is a solid team comp for you to play around with her. However, burgeon does actually do self-damage. It’s a little bit harder for HuTao to have a dedicated Burgeon team. If you can manage your HP in this team it is also a very powerful team for her.

Hydro Resonance buff for Hu Tao Genshin Impact

The biggest part of changes to Hu Tao is actually when it comes to hydro resonance. This resonance was changed from healing bonus to providing a whopping 25 HP increase and this is insane. She was one of the characters that’s got the most buff out of patch 3.0 alongside with many of the other Electro characters. With Hydro resonance it has allowed her to open up a different team comp than she usually runs. Turning out to be the best team running with Hydro resonance because she is a rare character once again that utilizes HP bonus. So we already know right now that she is still a pretty much a strong character due to all of the Buffs that she’s gotten.

Hu Tao vs other Pyro main DPS

Comparing Hu Tao with another main pyro DPS how is she performing because after her release there was quite a few pyro DPS that came to the game after that. Pyro DPS character do have their unique playstyle, therefore, creating you a fun play style of their own. However in terms of sheer power Hu Tao will still be on the top. When we’re speaking in terms of main DPS pyro characters we have characters such as Yoimiya, Klee, and Diluc.

Hu Tao vs other Pyro main DPS
Hu Tao vs other Pyro main DPS

Then if you take into consideration the 4-star character we have Yanfei. Speaking in terms of power she already outstands damage of Diluc, Klee and Yanfei. However, there’s a character that would be on almost the the same level towards Hu Tao which is gonna be Yoimiya. She can potentially catch up towards Hu Tao here and there. Also style of gameplay is the reason why people choose her over Hu Tao many of the time.

However since Hu Tao gets both single targets and AOE situation damage plus all of them deal very high numbers. She overall will still be on top of meta. The new buff of hydro resonance giving her more versatile team comp. She can now choose to run both Hydro resonance and Pyro resonance for a significant damage increase. Which is why she is still the number one pyro DPS at this point.

Is Hu Tao worth it to pull for? Genshin Impact

if I was to give a definite answer I would give a straight answer which is a total yes. Hu Tao is still very much a worthy character for you to have on the account. However since there are so many different account situations out there. There are a few factors that we still need to take into consideration.

Characters featured during Hu Tao’s Banner

Ninguuang, Beidou, and Xingqiu is the four-star that runs along with HuTao. This is gonna be a pretty good Banner for you to pull Hu Tao Genshin Impact on. Luckily Hoyoverse have been generous enough to give a Xingqiu on her Banner. Beidou is there as well and she’s gonna be a very good character for you to have on your account. If you want Beidou, can still work with Hu Tao but Xingqiu here is a very very important character. Since you want Xingqiu to be on every single Hu Tao team because Xingqiu is a character that can heal moderately enough for you to sustain 50 below HP for her.

Characters featured during Hu Tao's Banner
Characters featured during Hu Tao’s Banner

It’s not just about the four-star character on the banner that is good. What’s even better is that Yelan is a character that runs alongside with her and since we have a
hydro resonance team comp. Hu Tao with Yelan and Xingqiu is pretty much a character that you want to build onto with your team. To get the maximum and best team comp for her. Phase 2 of patch 3.4 made for HuTao.

The tough thing only though is that if you are basically a free-to-play player or someone who is lacking Primogems and you don’t have Hu Tao and Yelan on your account. Then this is going to be pretty much a tough challenge since you are trying to get two characters in The Go. However if you are lacking in Primo gems then that’s fine you can try to get Yelan down in the row because having Xingqiu on her team is already a very very good thing.

Dehya is coming in Genshin Impact

The next consideration you want to keep in mind though is that Dehya is a pyro character. That is going to be coming right after Hu Tao we don’t have a piece of official information regarding Dehya at this point. So it can be wise for you to wait for more information on Dehya before deciding to go in for HuTao.

If you are someone who’s looking for a good pyro DPS option even if Dehya is going to
be a good pyro character. Hu Tao will still have her spot as a top tier pyro DPS since everything that she’s capable of has been proven to be pretty much of a future proof. Not to mention her charge attack learning curve which can be quite fun to work on mastering if you haven’t gotten anything else to do in Genshin Impact.

Dehya is coming in Genshin Impact
Dehya is coming in Genshin Impact

Furthermore, she is cute and she’s not been on her rerun for more than a year and a half now. Who knows when she’s gonna be back . So if you were to ask me I’ll just recommend you go ahead and pull forwards out if you are already interested a bit into pulling for her. But if you are someone looking for a meta DPS pyro character then you kind of want to wait for more information on Dehya.

Wishing You luck pulling for your favorite Genshin Impact characters.

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