Speed Comparison of Fastest Man Made Things

Speed Comparison of Fastest Man Made Things

Discover the speed comparison of fastest man made things in the world with speed comparison table. Explore the limits of human engineering. Read on for fascinating insights and impressive stats.

The Table below gives the Speed Comparison of Fastest Man Made Things in an interactive manner. Here ranking 1 means the highest and so on.

    RankingMan Made ThingsSpeed
    38World’s First Bicycle 18174 km/h 2.5mph
    37Daimler Reitwagen 1885 (World’s First Motorcycle)11 km/h 6.8 mph
    36Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 (World’s Fist Car)16 km/h 9.9 mph
    35Humans24 km/h 14.9 mph
    34Usain Bolt (World’s Fastest Man)44.72 km/h 27.78 mph
    33Cycle (Average Cycling Speed on Flat Surface)45 km/h 28 mph
    32Wright Flyer (The First Successful Powered Airplane)48 km/h 29.8 mph
    31Cheetah (World’s Fastest Land Animal)130 km/h 80.7 mph
    30Mercedes Benz C63 AMG320 km/h 198.8 mph
    29Westland G-Lynx412 km/h 256 mph
    28Sikorsky X2 (World’s Fastest Helicopter)481 km/h 299 mph
    27Spirit of Australia (World Water Record)511 km/h 317.5 mph
    26SSC Tuatara (World’s Fastest Car)530 km/h 329 mph
    25Lo Series Maglev (World’s Fastest Train)603 km/h 375 mph
    24Ack Attack (World’s Fastest Motorcycle)634.2 km/h 394 mph
    23Boeing 757982 km/h 610 mph
    22Thrust SSC (World’s Fastest Thrust Supersonic Car)1228 km/h 763 mph
    21Speed Of Sound (Reference)1235 km/h 767.4 mph
    20SR-71 Blackbird (Fastest Air Beathing Manned Aircraft)3540 km/h 2200 mph
    19North American X-15 (Fastest Crewed Rocket Powered Aircraft)7274 km/h 4250 mph
    18Hypersonic Rocket Sled (Four Stage Rocket) (Fastest Rocket Sled)10325 km/h 6415 mph
    17Nasa X-43 (Fastest Jet Aircraft)11854 km/h 7365 mph
    16International Space Station (Largest Modular Space Station In Lower Earth Orbit)28000 km/h 17398 mph
    15Space Shuttle28163 km/h 17500 mph
    14Apollo 1039937 km/h 24815 mph
    13Ulysses (Spacecraft)40,680 km/h 25277 mph
    12Stardust (Artificial Satellite)46440 km/h 28856 mph
    11Voyager 2 (Space Probe)55232 km/h 34319 mph
    10New Horizons (Space Probe)58580 km/h 36400 mph
    9Voyager 1 (Space Probe)61500 km/h 38214 mph
    8Pioneer 10 (Orbiter)132000 km/h 82020 mph
    7Pioneer 11 (Orbiter)172800 km/h 107372 mph
    6Galileo (Jupiter Orbiter)173800 km/h 107994 mph
    5Helios 1 (Spacecraft)238000 km/h 147886 mph
    4Manhole Cover (Operation Plumbbob)240000 km/h 149,129 mph
    3Helios 2 (Spacecraft)252800 km/h 157082 mph
    2Juno (Orbiter)265500 km/h 164974 mph
    1Parker Solar Probe (Space Probe)692000 km/h 429988 mph
    Speed Comparison of Fastest Man Made Things

    So there was a detailed view of Speed Comparison of Fastest Man Made Things . Engineering has really progressed so much and we will get to see more amazing products. Who knows there might be a new invention that can even overtake the ones in the table.

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