Why does everyone love One Piece currently?

Why does everyone love One Piece currently?

Do you want to know why everyone is loving One Piece recently? Here we will tell you many reasons why One Piece anime is becoming popular. The fandom of this anime and manga has skyrocketed in the recent years.

Growth of One Piece anime

For the last few years you probably would have noticed that one piece has kind of exploded in popularity . Yes part of that is that manga sales are up and interest on the Internet is at an
all-time high. We even have big celebrities publicly supporting the series like Dua Lipa, Zion Williamson, Jamie Lee Curtis and many others. Not to mention it’s getting a live action with the budgeted Game of Thrones that releases sometime later this year. They’ve even released their own trading card game.

Why is One Piece getting all this hype and how big is this gonna get?

I think that discussion has to start with the community that one piece already has. I might be biased but I think the one piece Community is really like none other. Yes it’s the best-selling manga of all time and the second best-selling comic by a single author. There are only so many stories that even last that long let alone provide enough content to have doing well.

One piece started all the way back in the middle of 1997. Despite almost 30 years of consistent weekly chapter releases we’ve still barely solved any of the biggest mysteries in story. Eiichiro Oda just give us more questions than answers. Almost every single week but that’s kind of the beauty of one piece , and at least part of why it’s continued to build such a massive following. We don’t know exactly when it’s going to end.

Why is One Piece getting all this hype and how big is this gonna get?
Why is One Piece getting all this hype and how big is this gonna get?

Can the ending of One Piece anime be one of the reasons for this hype?

We know that we’re approaching its final phase , and when any story starts to reach its end that always gives it a boost in its popularity. I mean think about what it was like during the final season of Game of Thrones or how the sales exploded for Demon Slayer when it ended or even in the field of sports where the single most watched program of the year every year is always the Super Bowl. It’s just that natural desire for people to see how things end and with one piece inching closer and closer to that every week the hype is only going to continue to build.

It is getting popular as there is a great increase in anime fans

I think another reason why this is going to be a big deal is because of the growing interest in Manga and Anime in general. And how new people are starting to give it a try every single day. About 80 percent of NBA players are already in anime but they just won’t admit it. I can kind of get that everyone that loves anime has probably been called a weeb at some point in time.

I think as celebrities continue to come out in support of different anime and it keeps getting the marketing love that it’s gotten lately here in the US. Then it’s naturally going to lead to more and more people to the biggest one being one piece. When you couple that with fact that it is finally approaching the final then who knows how big the community could be by the end.

What celebrities are doing to support One Piece anime?

There are many celebities supporting One Piece manga like Dua Lipa, Zion Williamson, Jamie Lee Curtis and many others. Rudy Gobert who is prominent NBA player wore one piece shoes during a game. Despite his struggle so far this season Rudy isn’t some scrub he’s a three-time defensive player of the year. NBA players are really picky about their shoes so it means a lot they would wear those during a game.

It’s not just basketball because we even saw a straw hat flag during the World Cup and during the Olympics. Switching Sports over to football which is the most popular sport here in the U.S we even had the USC Marching Band play an entire halftime show devoted to one Piece Film red during their home opener . USC is one of the biggest football programs in the entire country, so there’s a lot of people that were exposed to one piece who probably never heard of it that day. In the NFL we’ve seen Jamal Williams running back for the Detroit Lions wear a custom one piece thigh pad during a game and he also loves Pokemon.

What celebrities are doing to support One Piece anime?
What celebrities are doing to support One Piece anime?

So many episodes and less fillers.

With at least 1071 chapters and 1047 episodes adapted and Counting I can kind of understand why it feels daunting to people but that’s just another reason why all of this public support either from athletes and celebrities or just us current one-piece fans can go such a long way as well as all the various ways that now exist to digest one piece and my favorite straw hats pirates.

The amazing team at One Piece has basically cut down all the filler and made the anime more true to manga. It actually Cuts your entire watch time almost down by half which is pretty crazy. So I definitely recommend that as a way to make the journey feel less daunting than new viewers. Not to mention the dubbed version of the anime is finally in wano. After years of being hundreds of episodes behind which expect some serious growth in English-speaking countries sooner rather than later.

One Piece live action series is coming soon in Netflix

Another way to watch One Piece anime is coming later this year and that would be the live action series on Netflix. Now while we can all recognize that there have been some misses when it comes to live action anime . I can confidently say that if we were to ever have a good one piece live action series than the team and the Investments behind it would look like the ones that are behind this series everything from the show Runners the casting the set pieces.

The general fact that it has a similar budget to Game of Thrones. All told me that they have their heads in the right place place and that they’re up to the challenge. I mean Netflix still has over 200 million subscribers around the world. There’s a lot of people who are more willing to give the new Big live action show a try. who knows once they get to the end of the first season new viewers may want to pick up the anime or check out the manga to see how the rest of things unfold.

New and interesting arcs of manga and anime coming soon

What’s important is that one piece is finding new ways to reach new audiences and that’s only going to help it grow even more. But really the Catalyst for all the hype is the story it’s self the meat and potatoes. If you will and that’s where one piece really excels the most in my opinion. 2023 in particular could be a massive year for the story.

The anime is only a few months from animating probably one of the biggest scenes in the entire story and the manga itself has been subjectively and probably objectively fire over the last few months. Eiichiro Oda even went as far to tell us that we should expect a free-for-all battle royale coming up soon. One piece was already doing really well but this might just be its biggest year yet. Where big events keep happening then more people try to get their friends into the series more big names come out to support the series in public and more big events happen in the manga.

New and interesting arcs of One Piece manga and anime coming soon
New and interesting arcs of One Piece manga and anime coming soon

This anime is made for everyone and gives us life lessons

By the time we get to the very very end I think the community will be bigger. It is a series that has something for everyone whether it’s the lessons about found family about Freedom or about anything in between. There are just so many lessons to learn, one piece and that’s why it pulls so many people towards it and that’s what led celebrities like these to support the series in public.


The end of a story like one piece is a once in a lifetime thing. We will get to see a global Community celebrate one single story that stretched almost 30 years of time. One that has made this series the best-selling manga of all time . And while there are a lot of things we all want to see by the end of the series. What most of us have been waiting for is the same goal that was set up in chapter one. That is Luffy’s goal to become the king of the Pirates.

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